Greece T Minus 62 Days

On July 2nd, my adventure embarking to Greece begins. You’ve likely all seen the photos, the sandy beaches, the greek architecture and the white houses that appear to float as you stare up at them.

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But on July 2nd, my journey will begin, and this website will become more active. I will share photos of the sights, the good and the bad, photos of the people, the tourists and the natives (With permission of course), and will write of my experiences. I will remain in Greece for nearly 3 weeks through the HISA Study Abroad Program, taking creative writing classes each morning, and a painting class each afternoon. I shall share the works I have created as I journey along.

Long Time No See and Writing Updates

Hey Y’all! It’s been wayyyyy too long. Some updates, I’m currently in my second year of college and am currently pursuing child psychology and creative writing and honestly I’m loving it.

Stay updated by following because I plan to post more updates on my writing journey. I currently am working on Project Raven (And yes I will find a better name for it eventually) and have finished a zero draft and I’m working on reoutlining and starting again. Updates ahead!

“An Enchantment of Ravens” Review

Written by Margaret Rogerson, the New York times Bestseller An Enchantment of Ravens, is truly an incaptivating book, alluring and mystical in every way. The first thing I noticed while reading, was the specific writing style Rogerson had. With each sentence, the word choice led the readers to truly feel apart of the mystical world of the fair folk. The story follows Isobel, a portrait artist as she navigates the world of the fair folk, and what happens when a painting goes wrong, and she is whisked away by Rook, the autumn prince.

I must admit that I am biased, as I truly adore romance stories, but the tale of love in this story truly enchanted me and I found myself rooting for Isobel every step of the way. There’s so much beautiful foreshadowing and symbolism that whisks you away on an incredible journey.

As an eighteen year old reader who loves fantasy, it can be difficult to find a book that both satisfies my need to feel as if I’m in a different world, but also avoid a childish or cliche nature and this book perfectly does this. I would truly give this book 5/5 stars. I could not put it down and I don’t think you will be able to either.


Hello Everyone! I realize my travel posts have been lacking, but frankly, it costs a lot of money to travel. There is a small possibility I may be going to Amsterdam this spring Break but to do that, I need your support. Either by sharing my website, donating to my travel fund, or even commenting to show you want more, I’d really appreciate it.

Tales of The Peculiar Review

Written by Ransom Riggs, Tales of the Peculiar is a series of stories of fairytales and myths and fables that have been adapted to a darker, might I say, more peculiar form.

I truly fell in love with this book, from the first tale where I saw the downfall of the farmers to the cannibals, to the bird who makes time loops and turns into a woman. This book will keep you fascinated, and despite it’s darkness, somehow there’s a beauty in each ending.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy read and who enjoys mythology or fairytales. I truly would give this book a 5/5 stars as I loved each and every story and can see myself reading it to my children one day.

Select CBD (Vape) Review

Hello! My sincerest apologies in the delay. When I do reviews, I try to ensure that I fully have tested out the product before making any claims. In addition, the first semester of college has just ended and I have been rather busy.

First, it is important to note what CBD is. CBD is a part of Marijuana used primarily for anxiety relief and medical uses. It is known to help with stress, injury and many other issues. Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high.

The product I tested were the Select CBD Vapes in the flavors, Lemon and Lavender.

My hopes for the product were primarily Does it eliminate my chronic pain? and Does it soothe my anxiety?

Almost immediately I found myself soothed and calmed by the lavender CBD. I can not fully assure if it is due to the scent or the CBD itself or even the process of slowing down one’s breathing. The scent is rather strong and tickles the throat a little bit but is very mild and calming. It produces beautiful puffs of smoke so you can have easy control of how much you inhale.

I personally really love the smell of lavender but know others who dislike it due to it’s strength and the lemon has similar affects, but is less of a scent I enjoy. I truly believe you have to choose based on personal preference.

My biggest issue with the product was a lack of dosage recommendation. I had no idea how much to use and this is something that is difficult to measure but should be suggested in some regards.

In regards to pain, I noticed only slight differences, leading to my end statement of believing this to be a truly affective anxiety reducer but less of a chronic pain reliever. If you like this review or want more like this, comment down products you’d like me to try out and review.

Dividing Eden Review

Hello! I’m sorry for the lack of updates and my failed attempt at blogging Greece. Frankly, I put this on the back burner while I experienced life on the Island of Paros. Maybe someday I’ll return to describe it, but for now, I hope I can appease you with a book review.
I’ll start by saying this. I think I found a new book to add to my favorites shelf. Dividing Eden, by Joelle Charbonneau may appear to be your typical plot cliche of competing for the throne, but it’s much more than that. Twins Carys and Andreus never expected, nor initially wanted, to hold the throne, but when their brother Marcus dies in an incident that only adds light to the darkness and the incoming wind of the kingdom, the rules state that the two of them, through a series of trials, must compete for the throne.
I don’t wish to spoil your experience reading this, as I think anyone who enjoys YA or NA should read this book, but I will tell you this, it isn’t just the darkness inside you that can cause ruin.
This book was excellent in the character development, and the constantly wavering bond  between Carys and Andreus lend to my personal rating of 5/5. The writing is rather complex, and you really need to dive in to enjoy it, but if you allow yourself, you will find yourself in a mystical world of hope, love, and heartbreak.
If you have read this novel, or do read it, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!