The Truth About Greece

I’ve rewritten this a couple times now. I can’t seem to depict Greece in a way that does it justice and is entirely honest. And for the sake of the integrity of this blog, I am going to go through my days in Greece. The good, the bad the beautiful, (Greece isn’t ugly). It may appear rather journaleque- but I think you can respect it. I do realize that this is quite a bit late. But the wifi here isn’t exactly one of the strong points. That said, I hope you enjoy.

Traveling isn’t a new thing for me. I’m used to traveling alone, traveling in groups, traveling in country, and out. But I’ve never had to travel somewhere and know no-one. It’s this very realizing moment in ones life. When you’re out of grasps with your own control. But it’s thrilling and revealing in who you are when you’re afraid and alone. It’s due to this, that when I first stepped off the plane at the Athens Airport, I felt lost. The signs were all in Greek and I knew nothing. I had a taxi waiting for me under my name as a part of the HISA Program. (Hellenic International Studies in the Arts) But due to the translations, I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. After a little bit of wandering I finally found the Taxi Driver. It was a short drive and next thing I knew I was in the heart of Athens. The Taxi driver dropped me off and pointed me in the direction of the Hostel Dioskurnos in which I would meet the other HISA girls.  I’ve never been great at directions so it was no surprise when I got completely lost. I found myself wandering, with a slightly overpacked backpack, and a purple suit case. (An obvious tourist), After asking several greek people, and a few english people for directions I finally found the hostel. I didn’t end up staying there, but it was just where I met the girls.

I could go in depth as to how amazing, sweet, intelligent and just simply beautiful the girls were, but for the reason you all are reading, I will only speak of Greece. After a few minutes of decompressing, and discovering there is a fuck load of cats in Athens, (And I would soon discover all of Greece) we headed to the Acropolis Museum and site. As beautiful as it was, I couldn’t fully enjoy it as I was on 20 minutes of sleep, a small amount of, by then, warm water, and was just simply jet lagged. I had made the fatal error of thinking, why should I put sunscreen on at the airport? What’s one day without sunscreen? To all those thinking of traveling to Greece or a place with similar weather, by the grace of god, WEAR SUNSCREEN. I am not one who normally burns, but my whole shoulders and much of my chest was burnt and slightly irritated. You may think you’re safe, but you’re not.

I felt rather dizzy that day, but enjoyed Acropolis none the less. Afterwards, we headed to our new home for the next three or so weeks, Paros. The ferry ride was around four hours, and was a rather smooth ride. (Also, pro tip, buy Iced Chocolate when on the ferry, it’s delicious). We arrived in the evenings, was given a walk through the town and shown our new place, known as Jimmy’s apartments. Jimmy’s is in an excellent location, a five minute walk from the beach, a 2 minute walk from a market, and a 20 minutes, (Not 15, unless you’re Ioannis and can walk extremely quickly.) We met Maria, (whom’s name I share), a complete sweetheart. They showed us our rooms and allowed us to spend the night relaxing. This was my first day of Greece, and I apologize for a lack of photos, I felt mine didn’t do it justice.

Anyway, thanks for following along on my journey in Greece, and if you don’t mind the delay, more lengthy posts will follow.

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