Dividing Eden Review

Hello! I’m sorry for the lack of updates and my failed attempt at blogging Greece. Frankly, I put this on the back burner while I experienced life on the Island of Paros. Maybe someday I’ll return to describe it, but for now, I hope I can appease you with a book review.
I’ll start by saying this. I think I found a new book to add to my favorites shelf. Dividing Eden, by Joelle Charbonneau may appear to be your typical plot cliche of competing for the throne, but it’s much more than that. Twins Carys and Andreus never expected, nor initially wanted, to hold the throne, but when their brother Marcus dies in an incident that only adds light to the darkness and the incoming wind of the kingdom, the rules state that the two of them, through a series of trials, must compete for the throne.
I don’t wish to spoil your experience reading this, as I think anyone who enjoys YA or NA should read this book, but I will tell you this, it isn’t just the darkness inside you that can cause ruin.
This book was excellent in the character development, and the constantly wavering bond  between Carys and Andreus lend to my personal rating of 5/5. The writing is rather complex, and you really need to dive in to enjoy it, but if you allow yourself, you will find yourself in a mystical world of hope, love, and heartbreak.
If you have read this novel, or do read it, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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