Select CBD (Vape) Review

Hello! My sincerest apologies in the delay. When I do reviews, I try to ensure that I fully have tested out the product before making any claims. In addition, the first semester of college has just ended and I have been rather busy.

First, it is important to note what CBD is. CBD is a part of Marijuana used primarily for anxiety relief and medical uses. It is known to help with stress, injury and many other issues. Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high.

The product I tested were the Select CBD Vapes in the flavors, Lemon and Lavender.

My hopes for the product were primarily Does it eliminate my chronic pain? and Does it soothe my anxiety?

Almost immediately I found myself soothed and calmed by the lavender CBD. I can not fully assure if it is due to the scent or the CBD itself or even the process of slowing down one’s breathing. The scent is rather strong and tickles the throat a little bit but is very mild and calming. It produces beautiful puffs of smoke so you can have easy control of how much you inhale.

I personally really love the smell of lavender but know others who dislike it due to it’s strength and the lemon has similar affects, but is less of a scent I enjoy. I truly believe you have to choose based on personal preference.

My biggest issue with the product was a lack of dosage recommendation. I had no idea how much to use and this is something that is difficult to measure but should be suggested in some regards.

In regards to pain, I noticed only slight differences, leading to my end statement of believing this to be a truly affective anxiety reducer but less of a chronic pain reliever. If you like this review or want more like this, comment down products you’d like me to try out and review.

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