Ipsy Review June Edition

Hey Ya’ll! The Ipsy Subscription Reviews continue. It’s June 2018, school’s out, and now we can go out and have fun, (aka, stay at home and watch Netflix while eating our feelings.)  That said, I’m so excited to have received the June Ipsy bag this month, and on time too!

Let’s start out by reviewing the bag. It’s so cute. It really gives me some summer vibes, and I’m excited to find a use for the bag.  But now on to fun stuff, the makeup!…

The first thing I pulled out of my makeup bag was this fluffy brush just hanging out in the Pink Wrinkly Envelope. I’m no major makeup expert, so I’m not fully sure if this makeup brush is meant for blush, foundation, concealer or powder, but none the less it is soooo flufffyyy. I’ll find it’s use.


The second product inside my bag, was a strawberry lip balm. As moisturizing as it was, I just wasn’t excited to receive it. I don’t really need any more lip balms right now. That said, it’s my own fault for having my settings ask for lip balms. I changed it. But as for it’s review, the strawberry smell was just too fake and too strong. I love strawberries but it smelled artificial and was a bit much for me. fileAsset

If you know me, you know my favooooriteee makeup product ever is anything eyeshadow. I love playing around with the colors and the pigments, and it truly is a form of art. And the eyeshadow I got, I looooved. The pigments were so present and the formula was this smooth easily blendible color. I loved it. fileAsset

I also got a benefit porefessional primer. Its just a small sample, but I was surprised by how much a little goes a long way. I’m still experimenting with it, but first impressions are positive. Comment down below later on if you have any questions about how I liked it over time.


Come summer, comes lotion. I do Like lotion, but I wouldn’t say I love it. The lotion I got is very nice, very delicate, and I think most people would love it. BUT I HATE COCONUT. I don’t know why, but I hate the taste, the texture, the smell, and thus, it wasn’t the lotion for me. That said, it’s probably a great product. fileAsset


That’s all for this months Ipsy Review! Unfortunately, I will not be receiving a bag for July as I will be in Greece. So expect many blog and travel posts regarding Greece coming soon!



Ipsy Review

I was ecstatic to receive my first Ipsy Bag. After being about a week late, I was thrilled to see the Pink Bag in the mail. In it, was a small and cute Ipsy bag with Travel stamps covering one side and an orangish shade on the other side. Having accidentally read the spoilers for my bag, my items were not a surprise.

The first item I pulled out was a makeup brush, not in the bag itself but in the package, I was drawn to the blue colors.


After trying out the brush a couple of times, I was not upset with it, but not exactly too impressed. It was neither a blending brush or great at applying product. That said, it wasn’t bad.

The next product I received was an Elizabeth Mott Shimmer Eyeshadow single in Mermaid Teal. fileAsset

The color itself was pretty, but not as pigmented as the image above that is on the Ipsy website made it seem. Unfortunately, I’m not much in the habit of wearing blue eyeshadow so it wasn’t too nice a product. This, however, is not the problem of Ipsy but of personal taste.

This was one of my favorite products from what I received this month, the Air Repair Skin Care Facial Mist. Initially, I thought this product would be a bit of a sham. But after a few uses throughout the day, and after having applied makeup, I noticed my makeup setting, appearing less cakey and feeling refreshed throughout the day.


On to nails ladies. I had received the Adesse New York Nail Polish in Oh Cabana Boy.


It is much more of a pale bright blue than the shade you see above, but it was pretty none the less. It applied well, took only one or two coats, and dried quickly enough. Overall, a rather good product.

Finally, I received a black clay face mask from the brand Tonymoly. I only used it once, and didn’t notice an immediate difference, but perhaps over time there will be a positive skin affect. I will have to try it out more.


Overall, I wasn’t dissatisfied nor ecstatic with this months Ipsy Package. As of right now, I would give the bag three out of five stars. It was an adorable bag with the highlights being the nail polish and the face mist, but the other products weren’t a big hit. I hope that over time, as I review my products each month, Ipsy will begin to improve on my selections. I will keep you updated as to how the following Ipsy products go!

~ Maria The Vagabond